Holiday Budget Tips

November 1st, 2013

Bundles of cash wrapped in bowsSave money and time with easy holiday budget tips

Tired of spending the New Year paying off debt from the old year? These holiday budget tips will help you celebrate the season without breaking the bank.

Create (and stick to) a budget

This is especially important for people who spend money to relieve stress. Creating a budget will help you control your spending and give you an emotional compass during this hectic time of year. If you find yourself really going off course—stop, take a deep breath, and think. Are you setting your expectations too high by trying to create the perfect décor or holiday meal? This year, trim that to-do list before you trim the tree. And speaking of holiday meals, watch your food budget as closely as your gift budget. All those tasty extras eat up holiday cash in a hurry!

Don’t go overboard when you go online

Use the same restraint online as you do in-store. You can get just as carried away clicking the Add to Cart button as you can tossing items into a shopping cart at the mall. Stop and carefully review your online purchases before you place your order.

The convenience of shopping online makes it easy to overspend. Be careful!

Suggest a family gift exchange

Nobody will think you’re a Scrooge for wanting to draw names rather than buy presents for everybody in your extended family. In fact, many of your relatives may be thinking the same thing!

Use credit cards wisely

If you haven’t been putting money aside this year for holiday expenses, you’ll probably use credit cards. Stick to the ones with low interest rates, and track what you spend to avoid post-holiday sticker shock as bills start rolling in.

Stay safe while using credit cards

The First is here to make the season brighter

Whenever possible, try to use cash or debit cards when you shop. After the holidays, get a jump on next year with a Holiday Club Savings Account from The First. For more information, visit

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