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Let’s Go Shopping on Small Business Saturday! | The First National Bank Blog

November 24th, 2015

small bus saturdayWe’re all familiar with Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving, major retailers lure huge crowds into their stores by offering great deals on just about everything in stock. But there’s another significant shopping event some consumers overlook—Small Business Saturday. This annual shopping day encourages people to forego the mall in favor of local retailers. The benefits can be measured not only in the more relaxed shopping experience small businesses offer, but in many other ways.

Small businesses carry hard-to-find items and popular ones, too.

Looking for unique gifts for friends and family? Shop your local craft and specialty stores for presents you know won’t be duplicated by other gift-givers this holiday season. Plastic toys and electronics are great, but their novelty wears thin fast. Consider buying hand-made items from local small businesses. These often become family heirlooms that are treasured for generations.

If you’re busy with holiday baking and discover you need a special pan or kitchen gadget to bring your masterpiece to the table, there’s a good a chance you’ll find it at your local kitchen supply store. As an added bonus, these specialty retailers often stock better quality products than the big box stores.

Fresh out of aluminum foil? Your local market probably has it. Speaking of fresh, that’s where independent markets really shine! They’re more likely to carry locally sourced dairy, eggs, produce, and baked goods. That means fresher food for your family and your holidays.

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Small businesses know their community and their customers.

For example, the resident home and garden store owner has lived in your community for years. That’s why he knows spring flower bulbs need to be planted earlier in your area. Based on personal experience, he’ll offer bulbs at just the right time while home and garden chains might bring them in too late in the season. By the same token, your neighborhood clothing boutique owner knows the local high school colors are green and gold, so she might be more likely to order green and gold jackets, scarves and hats for your winter shopping.

Small businesses preserve your community’s own special character.

Nobody really wants to live in a town that looks exactly like the next town over. While major retailers provide product selection and convenience, they also bring a homogenous look that detracts from the unique beauty and character that makes each community one-of-a-kind.

Small businesses make a big difference in our communities, so be sure to frequent them on Small Business Saturday and all year round.

What holiday items do you like to buy from small markets and retailers? Let us know in the Comments section.