Online Billpayer is Changing - Upgrade Coming May 2017

Our online billpayer provider has been upgraded to Check Free. Here’s a look at some of the new features as well as what to expect during the conversion.

What’s new:

  • Payments will be debited from your accounts on the same day that the payment arrives to your payee.
  • Payments are guaranteed to arrive on time no matter if they are sent electronically or by a check in the mail.
  • Check Free will reimburse any late fees up to $50.
  • Some payees will accept Same Day Payments.


  • All existing payees and scheduled payments will be automatically converted to Check Free.
  • All scheduled payments will be successfully processed throughout the conversion.
  • E-Bills cannot be converted; all e-bills will need to be reset after the conversion.
  • Payments will be sent one of three ways:
    • Electronically
    • A check drawn on Check Free’s bank account, or
    • A draft check, which is a check that is printed and mailed with your Checking Account number and FNB’s routing number

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