Access account information 24 hours a day.

It’s fast and free. Check account information, transfer funds, stop payments, and check rates all from your phone. Click on a question for more information.

What is PhoneFirst?

PhoneFirst is a 24-hour telephone system which allows you to access checking, savings, and loan information. All you need is a phone!

What does it cost?

There is no charge for using PhoneFirst.

How do I use PhoneFirst?

Call our local number 215-860-4580 (or our toll-free number 877-968-FNBN). The system will tell you all the features and what numbers correspond to those features.

On your first call:

  • Have your Social Security Number (SSN) available
  • Know your account numbers
  • Choose a Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Prior to doing a funds transfer, visit a branch and complete an authorization form

What can I do with PhoneFirst?

  • Obtain balances on all my accounts
  • See what checks have cleared
  • Check on direct deposits
  • Transfer money between accounts at The First
  • Have a statement faxed to me
  • Get current certificate rates
  • Obtain loan information and rates
  • Make a loan payment from my checking or savings account

How secure is PhoneFirst?

PhoneFirst is totally secure. Since the account number and PIN are required to use PhoneFirst, only those who know both numbers can access account information.

PhoneFirst FAQs

How do I use a PIN?
The first time you use the system, you will access the account using the last four digits of the SSN or Employee Identification Number (EIN) of the first named individual on the account. You will then be prompted to set up your own PIN for each account you access. Each owner of the account must use the same PIN for that account. Inquiries are at the account level, so you will need a PIN for each account you want to access (they can be the same PIN if you choose).

What do I do when I don’t know the last four digits of the SSN or EIN used to identify the account?
You will need to contact the other owner(s) of the account for that information. The bank is not able to supply you with SSN or EIN information.

How do I complete a funds transfer?
Stop by any of our 12 branches to complete the required Funds Transfer Authorization Form. Up to 12 accounts may be included in the funds transfer pool. The pool may include checking, savings, or loan accounts. (Loan accounts are restricted to loan payments only.) You will be prompted for a new PIN the first time a transfer is initiated. The last 4 digits of the SSN/EIN of the first named individual on the account listed will be the initial PIN.

Free Wallet Card and Sticker
Get your FREE wallet card or sticker so you can have the PhoneFirst access number handy at all times! The wallet card gives you the PhoneFirst numbers, plus a summary of the services available and how to access them. The stickers have the PhoneFirst phone number for you to put on your home phone or computer for easy referral.

Stop by any of our 12 branches or call our Customer Call Center at 215-860-9100 to get your PhoneFirst wallet cards and sticker today!