Your Estate Plan

image of a house on top of a pile of coins

As a financially responsible individual, you have managed the demands involved with building and maintaining wealth. Complete financial security for yourself and others often involves more. Unresolved issues and information related to your achievements need to be understood and addressed.

A recent survey reveals only about a quarter of wealthy individuals have a complete estate plan. Only slightly more than half have prepared a will. The reality of this situation is that only about half of the $3.2 trillion to be passed to the next generation will reflect the wishes of those that created it. Is that what you worked so hard for?

Many of us are uncomfortable sharing information about the transfer of our wealth. It is impossible to develop a plan that will not need adjustment from time to time so it will most likely be a conversation and work in process. It will reflect your age and needs as well as those of your heirs.

Some suggest that talking to your teenager is the ideal time to begin the conversation about wealth transfer. Your situation, goals and needs are unique. They require individualized attention and highly focused professional services.

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