Department Heads

Please contact our department heads directly with any comments or inquiries you have.


Barbara A. Miller, AVP
215-860-2643 x3059

Commercial Mortgages & Construction Lending

Lindsay DeOre Lambert, VP
215-860-2643 x3039

Commercial/Retail Lending

Margaret Young, VP
215-860-2643 x3003

Human Resources

Jaclyn Parry Bogert, VP
215-860-2643 x3068


Lynn Gessner, VP
215-860-2643 x3130

Mortgages – Residential & Residential Investment Mortgages

Michelle Byrne, AVP
215-860-2643 x3055

Online Banking Services

Courtenie Guion
215-860-2643 x3058


Milissa Lenahan, VP
215-860-2643 x3041

Trust & Wealth Management

Barry L. Pflueger, Jr.,  EVP
215-860-2643 x3050

VISA Debit Card & Merchant Services

Donna Dunham-Smith, VP
215-860-2643 x3065

Wire Transfers

Denise Arnott
215-860-2643 x3095

Messages sent by e-mail may not be secure, may be intercepted by third parties and may not be immediately received by the appropriate department at The First. Please do not e-mail any confidential information which we require to be in writing or which needs our immediate attention. Instead, please call us at 215-860-9100. Also be aware that a “receipt” acknowledgement on an e-mail indicates that the message has been routed onto the Internet, not that the message has been received by The First.