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Department Heads

Please contact our department heads directly with any comments or inquiries you have.

Commercial Mortgages & Construction Lending

Lindsay DeOre Lambert, Vice President
215-860-2643 x3039

Commercial/Retail Lending

Margaret Young, Vice President
215-860-2643 x3003

Deposit Operations

Donna Dunham-Smith, Senior Vice President
215-860-2643 x3065

Human Resources

Jaclyn Parry Bogert, Vice President
215-860-2643 x3068


Karen M. Dolton, Marketing Representative
215-860-2643 x3128

Mortgages – Residential & Residential Investment Mortgages

Missy Byrne, Assistant Vice President
215-860-2643 x3055

Online Banking Services

Ryan Morris
215-860-2643 x3058


Milissa Lenahan, Vice President
215-860-2643 x3041

Wealth Management Group

Barry L. Pflueger, Jr.,  Executive Vice President

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