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Service Charges


Description Fee
Insufficient & overdraft items- checking and savings - created by check, in-person withdrawal or other electronic means excluding single POS transactions or ATM withdrawals $35
Negative balance over $50: (Excludes ATM withdrawals and single POS transactions) $10 per day after three days
Returned checks-deposit: $10
Escheat fee: $35
Stop payment open dollar $35 set up fee, then $10.00 per month
Stop payment $35
Child support levy $50
Levy and lien processing: $125 plus cost
Money judgments: $225 plus attorney fees and costs
Subpoena/research: (Minimum 1 hour) $35 per hour and $.35 per copy
Account reconcilement: $35 per hour
Dormant checking-inactive for six months: $5 per month for balances under $500
Dormant savings/interest bearing checking-inactive for two years: $5 per month for balances under $500
Cashier's checks: $10
*Outgoing domestic wire transfer: $20
*Outgoing foreign wire transfer: $40
*Incoming wire transfer: (Domestic or Foreign) $10
Automatic transfer agreement: $5 per transfer
*Signature guarantee: $5
Bank NSF check collection item: (Collection dept.) $35
Bank draft, collection item, auction letter: $15
Securities purchased or sold: $25 minimum plus postage and insurance/$15 for each paying agent
Basic personalized checks: Fee depends on style of check ordered
Temporary checks: $5 if more than once per calendar year
ATM card: $1 per month per card or $12 per year
ATM/VISA® Debit Card/VISA® Rewards Debit Card/ VISA® Business Debit Card replacement card fee: $10
Rejected item fee: $1 per item
Early withdrawal fee for CD or IRA $25
Foreign Currency Orders $30 fee per order. Orders under $500.00 USD will incur an additional $15 minimum order fee. $20 fee for expedited orders.

*Above prices are based upon an established customer relationship with The First.  Please call your local branch for more information.