Photo of the Trust & Wealth team. Earning your trust year after year.

Trust & Wealth Management

fi·du·ci·ar·y n. from the Latin fiducia, meaning “trust”.

Fiduciary has become a buzzword these days. It’s never been a buzzword to us. It is all we’ve ever known and all we’ve ever been. Simply put, a fiduciary is required – in all circumstances – to put your interests ahead of its own. The First has been doing that since 1922.

Our Trust & Wealth Group has earned the confidence of thousands who want to grow, preserve or just protect the assets they’ve been accumulating. We provide one-on-one consultation, comprehensive knowledge and the desire to see you reach your financial goals. Call 215.968.4872 and schedule your appointment with someone you can trust today!

This product is not FDIC insured, nor bank guaranteed and may lose value.