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The First has served businesses in Bucks County longer than any other local banking institution. Since 1864, The First has been a rock of stability for Bucks County – reinvesting in our local economy and families. While there are many Merchant Services providers, only The First is your trusted local credit card processing partner. Our friendly and experienced credit card processing team can provide insight and advice to help you find the right solution for your card processing needs. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or office, an online-only business, or need to accept payments on the go, we have a processing solution for all your business needs. And we offer hands-on customer service and training. Whenever you have a question, help is nearby! Scroll down to learn more about our products.

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Terminal Solutions

We offer two types of countertop payment terminals for retail stores and restaurants.

  • Retail option
  • Restaurant option
  • User-friendly
  • Hands-on installation
  • Hands-on training
  • High-performance ethernet-supported terminal provides a fast authorization
  • Accepts all card types including VISA/MasterCard/Discover/American Express
  • Contactless payment option
  • EMV compatible
  • Pin debit capability 
  • PCI Compliant
Mobile and Wireless Solutions

Mobile and Wireless Solutions

We offer convenient solutions for mobile and wireless payment processing.                   

  • Standard and included for all merchant accounts
  • Accept payments anywhere with this mobile processing product
  • Compatible with most Apple and Android products
  • Blue tooth and Phone Jack EMV card reader
  • Easy reporting features
  • Gratuity options
  • PCI Compliant
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Wireless Terminals

  • Handheld wireless terminal to accept payments anywhere
  • Printer, terminal, pin pad all in one
  • EMV compatible
  • Contactless payment options
  • PCI Compliant
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Mx Options

MX Merchant is one of the most powerful payment platforms, going beyond the traditional gateway.

Features Available for Online Shopping and Payment Solutions

  • Shopping Cart: Website shopping cart integration
  • MX Invoicing: Set up new invoice defaults to make customer billing effortless. You can also customize with your business logo, header message, return policy, and more.
  • Online Payments: Once your customer receives a link to their invoice via email, they can pay online with a credit or debit card. Payment is automatically collected, and your customer receives an emailed receipt at the time of payment.
  • Invoice Management: Track the history of each invoice and any outstanding balances. As payments are received, the status of the invoice adjusts automatically.
  • Recurring Billing: Manage multiple plans, send automatic reminders, manage individual pricing, and receive notification for failed charges.
  • MX Retail: Functionality to effectively operate your retail business products, stock control, orders, customer purchase history, discounts, sales tax, reports, and point of sale iPad App.
  • MX Payment Link: Sharable and embeddable URLs that collect payments from your customers. Link to pay also allows you to add extra fields to collect more information from your customers when they submit payment.
  • NEW QuickBooks: The MX/QuickBooks integration automatically syncs customer, invoice, and payment data from MX merchant into your QuickBooks online account, virtually eliminating the need to manually enter daily transaction and customer data.

For more information on our credit card processing services call 215.579.3400 or email