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Prospective Customers FAQ

We are always happy to answer your questions by phone or in person. For your convenience, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we hear from prospective customers.

Why do I need to accept Debit/Credit Cards for my Business?

With debit cards (funds drawn right from your checking account) and credit cards, consumers and business owners typically do not carry cash. Retailers have found that debit and credit card users spend more than a customer who pays for products or services with cash or check.

I’m worried the fees will be too much for my business to accept Debit/Credit cards.

Most businesses see an increase in sales as high as 30 percent, which typically more than covers the fees. With our variety of products, we can offer very competitive fees. Our fees can be fixed at 2.5 percent + .00 per transaction or you can have variable fees based on the types of transactions your business processes. We do an estimated comparison for you so that you can see what your costs would be.

Why do I have to purchase equipment? It’s just too expensive.

The First offers a variety of methods to process debit and credit cards. We have online, terminal, and Point of Sale products that range from $99.00 – $1200.00. We never sell you equipment and products that you do not need and work directly with you to determine the best products that would fit your business needs.

I don’t want to sign a contract.

While The First does require you to sign a three-year contract, we also offer hands-on service and work with you to fully maximize our products. If you decide you are unhappy with our products and service, you can cancel your contract at any time with a small termination fee of $100.00.

Why should I choose The First for my Credit Card Processing?

The First has been in the Credit Card processing business for over 40 years. We are a community bank that understands our clients’ needs for personalized and cost-effective credit card processing options. Our rates are very competitive, and we offer a variety of products to fit any type and size of business.

I already accept credit cards for my business.

Not a problem, The First will do a free competitive pricing analysis. In most cases, we can reduce your current processing fees.

For more information on our credit card processing services call 215.579.3400 or email