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  Beginning on October 1st, the Main Office Lobby will be closed for renovations. A temporary branch will be available in the Operations Building.
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Android Pay illustration

Android Pay

Your Visa card + Android Pay

Confidence. Simplicity. And the things you love about your First National Bank VISA® debit card.

Getting Started is as Easy as:

  1. Download the Android Pay app
  2. Add your First National Bank VISA® debit card – it’s as simple as snapping a photo
  3. Pay confidently at over a million locations in the U.S.

Use It Today

There’s a lot to love about Android Pay. Like how it lets you use your favorite Visa card at over a million locations in the U.S. See a full list of Android Pay places to pay at

Get extra layers of security

Android Pay never uses your actual card number, instead it uses a virtual account number so your card details and private info stay safe.

Enjoy the confidence of paying with your phone using Visa and Android Pay! Set Up Now

Android Pay FAQs