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Apple Pay FAQs

Which devices support Apple Pay?

At this time, Apple Pay can be used on iPhone® 6 and 6 Plus or higher with the installation of the iOS 8.1 or higher update. The newest models of the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad mini models with Touch ID or Face ID, and Apple Watch that is paired either with their iPhone® 6  or higher are also able to use Apple Pay.

What does the setup process involve for Apple Pay?

The cardholder can add their card in a few easy steps. The process for adding a card will be different between the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. For the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus:

  1. Open Wallet and tap the plus sign.
  2. Position your card in the camera frame to automatically enter your card information.
  3. Enter the security code found on the back of your card, and fill in any remaining fields.

For the Apple Watch:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone (must be running iOS 8.2 or higher) and tap select Wallet & Apple Pay.
  2. Tap Add Credit or Debit Card.
  3. Position your card in the camera on your iPhone to automatically enter its information.
  4. Enter the security code found on the back of your card.

Does Apple Pay have a limit as to how many cards someone can add to their wallet?

On Apple Watch Series 3 and later, and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and later, you can add up to 12 cards on a device. On earlier models, you can add up to eight cards on a device.

Are there security concerns if the device is stolen or lost?

Apple Pay’s security requires each user to utilize a fingerprint, so even if the phone is lost, the fraudster will still need the iPhone owner’s fingerprint to activate the use of Apple Pay. Users should notify their mobile carrier and the telephone number on the back of their credit/debit card promptly and mention that they added their card to Apple Pay, so the call center can disable their card for use with Apple Pay.  If they locate their device, they will need to add their card back to Apple Pay before making any Apple Pay purchases. If they have the Find My iPhone app downloaded to their device, they can use it to remotely lock their device. Please refer to the Apple website for more information about Find My iPhone.

What happens if their Apple Pay credit card is lost or stolen?

The cardholder should telephone FNB at 215-579-3400 or the FIS lost/stolen number at 800-236-2442 and mention they added their card that has been lost/stolen to Apple Pay. The card is closed so that no additional purchases can be made. The cardholder should also be directed to remove the lost/stolen card from the Wallet or the Apple Watch app using the “Remove Card” option. When they receive their replacement card, they will need to add the new card to Apple Pay before making any Apple Pay purchases.

If you have multiple payments methods set up, do you have to have the Apple Pay app open to select which payment to use?

Apple Pay allows the user to designate a primary card to use, but also allows the user a choice at the POS.