The online banking portal has been enhanced with a fresh redesign. To read about some key changes, click here.

Digital Banking Refresh

Users may be receiving emails “New login to Online Banking” emails from odd hours of the morning. These IPs are data aggregator programs such as Mint, Quicken, Quickbooks, Plaid, MX or another service, trying to sign into your account to retrieve details for their aggregator.


On April 3, 2024 we will unveil the refreshed online banking system!
We’re excited to unveil a sleek new look and feel that’s designed to enhance your banking experience. With a modern interface and intuitive navigation, managing your finances has never been easier. We’ve listened to your feedback and made significant improvements, including reorganizing menu items to make accessing key features more seamless than ever before.
We have explained some of the few enhancements below and split it between the Web Browser Application and the Mobile Application.

Web Browser Application

The login page has been refreshed with a new style.
Old login page New redesigned login page


From your web browser on your computer, one of the most notable enhancements is the revamped account summary page,
which now offers a centralized hub for all your banking needs.


The Menu System has been re-worked so here is a list of the menu trees.

Starting at the top left, the ACCOUNTS menu tree.

Account Summary Shows all of your accounts and balances
Check Deposit Deposit a check from a smart device
eStatements PDFs of your eStatement
Open an Account A link to open a new Checking or Savings Account
Reorder Checks A form to order more checks
Stop Payment Stop a payment from processing
WebConnect Export account history to Money, Quicken or Quickbooks
Rates A link to our rates at
Wealth Management A link to our Wealth Management department
Under the TRANSFER menu tree.

Make a Transfer Setup a transfer between accounts
Transfer Activity View history of transfers
External Transfer Transfer money between different financial institutions
Transfer Accounts Send money to another FNBN Account easily


At the top right, under your name, we have another tree menu for more options.


Messages Secure messages between FNBN Customer Service
Change Address Change your address
Change Phone Number Change your phone number
Change password Change your password
Change Email Change your email
Change User ID Change your User ID
Change Security Info Change your 3 security questions
Biometric Devices Authorize or delete smart devices with the FNBN app
Fast Balances Setup Fast Balances on the home screen of the FNBN Mobile App
Text Banking Setup and use Text Banking


Alerts Setup notifications for SMS Text or Email about transactions or balances
User Activity View your login and activity history
Secure Forms A list of different forms for self servicing your account
Accepted Disclosures Disclosures that you have read and agreed to
Users Add or remove additional users to your online banking
Authorized Apps View authorized apps that can connect to your online banking
Stopped Numbers Reactivate your authentication phone number when locked out


Gone are the days of navigating through multiple screens to schedule bill payments – you can now conveniently schedule payments directly from the account summary page with just a few clicks. This streamlined process saves you time and ensures that managing your bills is hassle-free.


To change the name of an account, the Details option within the account can be used.

Then click the Change Account Nickname


New to Account Summary, is that the amount column. Credits are now listed in green with a plus sign at the beginning while debits are in black.

Transactions are clickable where more details can be provided.
When transactions are clicked, customers have the access to view images of the transaction or send a message to customer support.
Also a new feature is that you may view images of withdraws and deposits per transaction.

To view transactions that are more than 30 days old, then the Search option towards the top of the screen would be used.


The Personal Finance Manager has been redesigned. From the old Spending link, it is now listed as My Finances on the main menu.


Mobile Application

The Mobile App shares the same enhancements as above as the Mobile App is equal to the Web Browser App.



Be sure to update your app to the latest version. Go to the Itunes Store to view the App.
When you search for the app under “FNBN” click the Logo or name FNBNewtown instead of the “Open” button.

Then the next screen will have an “UPDATE” button where you can update the app.


On the Mobile App, please ensure you have the most updated application. There are two easy to spot differences between the apps.
1. The new app has a brighter background with the clock hour hand between 11 and 12 and the minutes at 2 marker.
2. The version number at the bottom right jumps from 19.4.8553 to 23.2

Once logged in, you will also notice an updated user interface.

Old Version 19.4.8553 New Version 23.2


Mobile Application Menu System

Change Address Update the mailing address we have on file
Change Phone Number Update the phone number we have on file
Change Password Update your password for Online Banking
Change Email Update the email address we have on file
Change User ID Change your User ID for Online Banking
Change Security Info Update your MFA security questions and answers for Online Banking
Biometric Devices Manage your TouchID, FaceID and Android biometric logins
Fast Balances Manage your Fast Balances setup on your mobile device
Text Banking Set up and manage banking via SMS or text messaging
Account Summary View all of your open accounts
eStatements View up to two years of bank statements
Open an Account Open a new checking or savings account
Reorder Checks Place an order for checks
Stop Payment Submit a stop payment request
Rates View the current rates at FNBN
Wealth Management Learn more about Wealth Management at FNBN
Alerts Set up and manage account alerts to your email or cell phone
Secure Forms Securely submit information to us using Online Banking
Accepted Disclosures Review the various disclosures you have agreed to as part of Online Banking
Authorized Device Enrollment Set up TouchID, FaceID and Android biometric login
Authorized Apps Set up third-party apps for Online Access
Stopped Numbers View and manage phone numbers that have been restricted from Online
Delete Your User Account Permanently deletes your Login ID from our system. Your accounts will not be closed.