March, 2017

Tax Tips to Help New Parents Save Money

March 30th, 2017
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Congratulations, new mom or dad! Now take out the checkbook, because your bundle of joy comes with a bundle of new expenses. But all those day care costs and pediatrician bills can bring new tax deductions that can help you ride out the first years of parenthood without going broke. Here are the major ways your tax situation may change now that you’re a parent. Child tax credit This credit is worth up to $1,000, and you can claim it if you have a dependent child living with you who is under age 17. There are income limits that start [ read more ]

Your Estate Plan

March 16th, 2017
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As a financially responsible individual, you have managed the demands involved with building and maintaining wealth. Complete financial security for yourself and others often involves more. Unresolved issues and information related to your achievements need to be understood and addressed. A recent survey reveals only about a quarter of wealthy individuals have a complete estate plan. Only slightly more than half have prepared a will. The reality of this situation is that only about half of the $3.2 trillion to be passed to the next generation will reflect the wishes of those that created it. Is that what you worked [ read more ]

Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

March 2nd, 2017
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With nearly 38,000 complaints logged in 2015, credit card fraud ranks as the second most common form of identity theft, behind only tax- or wage-related fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission.   It can take many forms, including: Scammers who try to sucker you into giving up credit card info over the phone. E-mail phishing. Skimmers – devices hidden in the mouths of card slots at gas pumps, ATMs and even restaurants to copy card information. Nothing but healthy skepticism can save you from falling for a slick hustler. But advances in technology are designed to better protect consumers against credit card [ read more ]