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Visa® Debit Card

Works like a check…for all your everyday purchases. Use it instead of a check, everywhere VISA® cards are welcome.

Because it carries the VISA® symbol, your VISA® Debit Card from The First works like a check everywhere VISA® cards are welcome – at over 14 million locations around the world! Use it for everyday purchases – to grab lunch, to buy gifts, to pick up videos, or to place catalog orders. Just present your VISA® Debit Card from The First at the time of purchase and the amount will be automatically deducted from your checking account.

It’s fast.
Using The First’s VISA® Debit Card is hassle-free. There’s no checkbook to carry. No check to write. No ID to show. No waiting for check approval. So you’re in and out of stores in no time.

It’s easy.
The amount of your purchase is automatically deducted from your checking account. And with each purchase, you’ll get a receipt for easy record keeping, and every transaction is detailed on your monthly checking account statement.

It’s safe.
For your safety, VISA® Consumer Debit Card transactions are covered under Federal Regulation E.

Earn Valuable Rewards. Upgrade to Premium Checking
Your VISA® Debit Card can start earning you rewards by switching from your Free Checking account to our Premium Checking Account. This account features the VISA® Rewards Debit Card. You earn valuable points on your purchases, which you can redeem for almost anything.

Traveling? Let us know.

Inform us of your travel plans, so your FNB ATM/VISA Debit Card
will remain active and not be restricted by security.

Email us at Please provide only your name, travel dates and destination. No account or card numbers are necessary.

Visa Account Updater