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Debt Consolidation

Do you feel buried in debt? Not sure you’ll ever be able to dig out? We can help! Consolidate your high-interest credit card and loan debt with a low-interest home equity loan from The First. We’ve served the residents of Bucks County longer than any other local banking institution. Our lenders in Bucks County make fast, local decisions to help our community thrive. Explore debt consolidation rates to find out if it’s right for you!

Benefits of Loan Consolidation

With a debt consolidation home equity loan from The First, you can enjoy:

  • One monthly payment instead of multiple credit card bills
  • Lower monthly debt payment
  • Lower interest rate
  • Faster debt payoff
Talk to lending specialist Connie Furman by email or by calling her at 215-579-3409, or visit one of our locations throughout Bucks County to get started.


Whatever your need, our experienced lenders can help you pick the loan product that’s right for you. Read our blog post to learn more.

Every financial situation is unique. Qualified debt professionals can help you determine the best course of action for your financial needs. Visit the Credit Counseling Center and learn more today.

How does debt consolidation work? illustration

How does debt consolidation work?

Consolidating your debt means applying for a new loan (in this case, a home equity loan) and using it to pay off all your other credit card or personal loan balances. The new loan replaces the old ones with a lower interest rate and convenient single monthly payment. And since home equity loans have a fixed term, you’ll know exactly when your debt will be paid off for good.

Apply for a debt consolidation home equity loan today!

Being debt-free is a wonderful feeling. Take the first step toward taking control of your finances; contact us or visit your nearest branch in Bucks County to learn more about debt consolidation!

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