December, 2013

Good Customer Service in Four Steps

December 17th, 2013
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Providing good customer service promotes what every business needs to thrive—repeat business. At minimum, it ensures a pleasant customer experience. When taken to the next level, good customer service can transform ordinary customers into loyal fans. Step 1: Make a Good First Impression Building a strong customer relationship takes more than a friendly smile (although that’s a great start!). It requires a genuine interest in your customers. Ask questions. Listen to the answers. Your customers will often give you all the clues you need to deliver great service. Tips for Small Businesses Step 2: Offer More Whether you offer [ read more ]

15 Great Customer Service Skills

December 10th, 2013
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How to Provide Excellent Customer Service Every Time Delivering responsive customer service can turn disgruntled consumers into loyal fans and loyal fans into enthusiastic ambassadors for your business! By adopting these simple and effective customer service skills from “”, you and your employees can promote repeat business with each and every customer interaction. What customer service techniques work best for your business? Share a comment below and let us know. [ read more ]

How to Engage Customers on Social Media and Mobile

December 3rd, 2013
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Customer Engagement through Social Media and Mobile Social media and mobile devices are powerful tools for customer service and engagement. Business that was once conducted at brick and mortar stores can now be transacted from living rooms, coffee shops—even camping trips. So how do savvy businesses keep the customer experience personal when face-time is on the decline? Now there are more ways than ever to engage customers on social media and mobile! Social Media with an Emphasis on Social Social media and mobile devices help businesses engage customers by providing platforms for sharing meaningful content, posting company news, answering [ read more ]