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Individual Retirement (IRAs)

Plan for retirement with several types of IRAs.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) were created to encourage individuals to save and supplement their retirement savings. To help choose the account that’s right for you, contact a representative at The First today.

IRA Rates

FDIC insurance is $250,000 per individual. Details on deposit coverage »

Traditional IRA Accounts

Save for retirement with tax-deductible donations to your own future.
Details on traditional IRAs »

Roth IRA Accounts

Roth IRAs can enable you to remain in the same income tax bracket (or higher) at retirement, because you pay your taxes on the front-end by contributing after-tax dollars.  Details on Roth IRAs »

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

Education costs keep rising, but you can take control of any beneficiary’s current or future educational situation with an Education Savings account, created exclusively for saving for the expenses of education.
Details on education savings accounts »

SEP Accounts

Provide for the future of your employees with a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP). The employer or employee deposits contributions into an account for the employees of the company and may be tax-deductible by the employer. Details on SEP accounts »

How to Calculate Required Minimum Distribution

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